Wholesale-specific Questions

What are the shipping costs?
What are the shipping timelines?
What is the warranty on Zima dental products?
Can I get better rates if I order more than 150 units?
Can I add my logo or practice name?
Can I get an invoice for my purchase?
Do you have a professional affiliate program?
My question isn't listed

The Dental pod

What's wrong with just using a sterilising tablet?
Can't I just clean my appliance with a toothbrush?
Will the Dental pod cause damage to my dental appliance?
Can the Dental pod clean Aligners/Invisalign?
Can the Dental pod clean Retainers?
Can the Dental pod clean Night guards and Bite guards?
Can the Dental pod clean Dentures?
Can you put two appliances in the Dental pod at once?
Why doesn't the Dental pod have a UV light?
Is there an auto stop function?
What temperature water should I use?
Can I run multiple cleaning cycles?
Should I clean my dental appliance everyday?
Does the Dental pod use a lot of electricity?
Can the Dental pod clean jewelry?
How do I clean the Dental pod after use?
Can I leave my appliance in the Dental pod overnight?
Can I share the Dental pod with my partner/family?
Is the Dental pod really better at cleaning than alternative methods?
Do you have any data for the Dental Pod?
Why is the Dental pod better than other ultrasonic cleaners?

Zima Sterilising Tablets

What are the tablets for?
How do the tablets work?
Why do I need tablets too?
Can I use sterilizing tablets from other brands in the Dental pod?
How do I make changes to my tablet subscription?
How often should my patients use the tablets?

The Zima Go

How effective is the UV light we use?
How does the sliding lid mechanism work?
Is the Zima Go safe for travel?
What can the case hold?
Can Zima Go hold more than one appliance at a time?
What is the case made of?
What is the power source for Zima Go and how long does the battery last?
Do I need a Dental pod and a Zima Go?
Does the Zima Go need water?