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Zima Dental

Zima Go®

Zima Go®

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Most oral appliance cases are low quality and poorly designed. In addition to their clunky look and feel, they fail to consider the risks caused by the build up of dangerous microorganisms on your oral appliance.

  • Eliminate bacteria, viruses and pathogens on the go
  • Enjoy a premium and protective metal finish
  • Easily fit oral appliances with increased capacity
  • Stay discrete with a sleek sliding lid mechanism

Science behind the design

Many UV products claiming to have germicidal benefits are poorly engineered so that the effectiveness is practically zero. In contrast Zima GO is designed with a UV-C source wavelength between 220 to 260 nm and a power output of at least 50 joules per square centimeter. A non-UV-C reactive reflective surface acts as a mirror, ensuring the UV light reaches all appliance surfaces.

Moreover, Zima Go elevates the sanitizing process with a dual-action system, deploying both UVC and UVA light for an exceptionally thorough sterilization process.

Beyond its UV capabilities, Zima Go shines in its design and construction. The lid features a secure magnetic closure, ensuring safety during sterilization and ease of travel. The smooth sliding mechanism, a result of high-precision machining, enables a seamless one-handed operation.

The case itself is crafted from a robust, yet lightweight, aluminum alloy common in medical and military applications, providing outstanding protection for your oral appliance.

What can the case hold?

Zima Go's increased size and unique crescent interior shape make it an ideal fit for a range of oral appliances, including aligners, retainers, mouthguard, biteguards, nightguards, partials and even toothbrush heads.

Its smart design comfortably accommodates different sizes, ensuring thorough and efficient sterilization every time. With Zima Go, all your oral hygiene items are always clean and ready to use.

Technical specifications

UV-C and UV-A dual action

Input: 5V/1A

Power: 0.2W

Battery capacity: 300mAh

Sterilize cycle: 1min 

Charging port: USB Type-C

Product size: Φ90mm*28.5mm 

Weight: 120g

Case material: Al-Alloy 

Inside size Φ84.5mm*20.2mm 

Inside case material:ABS+PC

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